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danish chair
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Vintage Danish Modern Lounge Chair

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(Sold, as of 12-19-2018) A wonderful vintage frame of good scale and most likely of American manufacture. There just couldn't be a smarter chair for an apartment, small bungalow or any room in the house where a comfortable side chair is wanted.  Danish Modern style is clean of line and practical in expense of materials, with only 2 yds minimum needed to fabricate cushion covers.

New elastic webbing such as I sell in my Danish Webbing Repair Kit has been installed and can be expected to provide firm foundation for up to 5-7 years, then can easily and economically be replaced.

Wood species is probably Elm.  It has been reglued and professionally refinished to a lovely light satin finish to compliment any color you may want for the cushions. Inquire to this shop in making them for you, or take to your favorite workroom!


Height of seat: 16.5" (with 3" cushion recommended)

Width of seat: 21.5", Depth of seat: 21"

30" foot print, depth of chair

26" at it's widest point, at arms

26.5"  is the height of back