folded panel of West African bogolanfini Mali mudcloth
Full panel of West African bogolanfini Mali mudcloth showing wide stripes resist dyed strip woven handwoven
Bogolanfini Mudcloth African fabric in modern interior use as throw, pillow or upholstery

Mali Mud Cloth, Wide Stripe Small Repeat Pattern

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50" width x 80" length

Handwoven, hand-dyed and hand printed vintage panel of resist dyed Bogolan or Mud Cloth from Mali, West Africa.

Ochre, black and ivory come from natural dyes that color the base cloth of handwoven cotton, then patterns are printed in iron rich fermented mud, dried in the sun and then sometimes bleached to remove color for further patterning. This large panel shows wide stripes with small pattern printed throughout for strong contrast in color and scale.

Helen selects each cloth coming into the shop in person from her visiting textile representative from West Africa. She looks for unique characteristics of color, texture, pattern and condition to ensure they'll lend themselves to a variety of use and projects that customers most often ask for; apparel, accessories, throws or light blankets, tableset accents such as runners, placemats, then on to wallhangings and light upholstery.