Karen Kramer and Helen Miller Christmas CD music
Helen and Karen Christmas CD Music

Helen Miller and Karen Kramer Christmas CD

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Well, scratch this one off the bucket-list!  My good friend Karen and I cut a Christmas CD after a whirlwind tour of Norway, Denmark and Ireland as the Carter Sister counterpart to country legend Tommy Cash in his tribute to his brother Johnny Cash.  This was in '07. Or was it '08?  The tour took place in winter (my favorite season) and we fell in love with the cities and rural areas we traveled through and the people who loved classic country music and came out to see us.  We found it all to be not unlike our own home turf here in Minnesota.

In this collection are songs that we hummed and sang to amuse ourselves while traveling on the bus gig-to-gig.  They come from our stash of compilation records from the 60s and obscurities remembered from childhood.

Done just for fun and for people to get a kick, the packaging was designed by Helen for the buyer to be able to just sign it over and give as a gag gift or stocking stuffer.  Enjoy!