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Did you know that in olden days "upholsterer's" were known as "upholderer's" as their work involved not just refurbishing sprung, padded and upholstered furniture for various households and estates, but also ship, coach and carriages, then later train car furnishings.  A good Upholderer could be depended on to handle refurbishment and redistribution of estate furnishings, case goods, bedding, clothing, draperies, etc. during and after a lifecycle, as well as coffin fittings upon death.  

As a lifelong collector, processor and assimilator of "things", most of them antiquated in one way or another - I find myself naturally taking the post of not just upholsterer as most people in the 21st century would understand someone as such - but also as my Old-World French, English and German forebearers would understand - someone who "upholds" the Livery trades and that which is fabricated to make living more beautiful, comfortable and serve as aesthetic expression of the holder.

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